Game Protection Seminar

Addressing casino surveillance personnel from around the world as Keynote Speaker at the World Game Protection Conference in Las Vegas.

  • Why offer your staff the Darwin Ortiz Seminar?

    The casino cheating industry is growing as fast as the casino industry itself. Cheats are improving their methods every single day. Money saved through game protection shows up directly on your bottom line, and knowledge is your only true protection. The Darwin Ortiz seminar is an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

  • Who is Darwin Ortiz?

    • The author of Gambling Scams, used as a textbook by university and casino training programs worldwide.
    • The #1 authority on crooked gambling methods.
    • A communicator of the highest order.
    • One of the world’s leading sleight-of-hand experts.
    • Has consulted for casino clients in 14 countries, including many of the world’s leading Casino corporations including: Caesars World, Harrah’s, Trump, Princess Cruise Line, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, London Clubs (U.K.), Stakis (Scotland), Lucien-Barriere (France) and Genting (Malaysia).
  • What is the content of the Darwin Ortiz Seminar?

    Designed for casino supervisory and surveillance staff, this six-hour program is usually presented over two days. Through explanation, demonstration, and hands-on interaction, Darwin thoroughly covers the scams that most threaten your bottom line. The contents are always tailored towards your specific needs. Topics typically include:

    Blackjack – Slug scams, false shuffles, false tracking, card-counting computers, shuffle-tracking computers and state-of-the-art card marking.

    Roulette – Roulette computers, sector prediction, past posting, magnetic ball scams and dealer collusion.

    Craps – Controlled dice slots, gimmicked dice and dice switches.

    Baccarat / Mini-Bac – Hand mucking and coolers.

    Miscellaneous – Dealer check copping, chip cups, subs, daubing, cheating tells and countermeasures.