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At cocktail parties and receptions of all kinds, Darwin’s strolling magic adds a unique and memorable touch. Moving from group to group, Darwin involves people, making them part of the fun. It’s the perfect ice-breaker.


Darwin brings the entertainment right to your guests. Working before and after the main course, he provides a special, intimate show right at each table. It’s always easy to tell which table Darwin is working at any given moment; that’s where all the laughter and applause are coming from!

Formal Close-Up Shows

When a more formal performance is required, for small to intermediate size groups, Darwin’s intimate sleight-of-hand shows are the answer. This is unique, unforgettable entertainment for sophisticated audiences.

Hospitality Suites

Darwin’s unique sleight-of-hand miracles are the perfect entertainment for your next hospitality suite. Darwin works at a table, surrounded by his audience, interacting with the spectators. It’s a feature that draws people and holds them, making yours the most popular room at any event.

Crooked Gambling Show

Darwin also offers a one-hour presentation demonstrating the methods used by professional card cheats. This is a dazzling display of non-stop sleight-of-hand, as entertaining to non-card players as it is to gamblers. This is always a particular hit for meetings at gaming destinations.