Sleight-of-Hand Artist

Darwin Ortiz makes his living with a deck of cards. As an entertainer and expert consultant he has performed on every continent except Antarctica.

At an age when other children were learning to play marbles, Darwin was learning how to manipulate a deck from the card “mechanics” in his South Bronx neighborhood. Eventually, he left New York University Law School to pursue his interest full time.

Darwin practices religiously four hours a day, wearing out over five hundred decks of cards each year. Through his dedication, he has brought the art of sleight of hand to a new level of perfection. Many of the techniques he employs in his performances have never been duplicated.


As the world’s greatest card manipulator, Darwin has been a featured performer at magician’s conventions in the United States, England, Portugal, Argentina, and Japan, and has lectured on sleight-of-hand before countless magician’s groups in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, England and Scotland. He is listed in both Who’s Who in Magic and The Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians.


As a sleight-of-hand entertainer, Darwin Ortiz is constantly in demand to appear at corporate and private functions. His clients include IBM, Nextel, Bear Stearns, Purolator Courier, Aetna Insurance, Price-Waterhouse, the Pentagon, the senior management of the McDonald’s Corp., Eton College in Windsor, England and both the Barack Obama and George W. Bush Presidential Inaugural Banquets.

His venues for corporate clients include conventions, banquets, hospitality suites, and management retreats.

Media Personality

Darwin Ortiz has been featured in the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Atlantic City Press, Omni, Penthouse, and over forty other publications.

He has appeared on over seventy television and radio programs, including The CBS Morning Program, shows on NBC, HBO, CNN, CNBC, A&E, The USA Network, The Learning Channel, and both America’s Most Wanted and Britain’s Most Wanted (as an expert on card cheating – not as a fugitive). He has also been featured on national TV in France and Argentina and BBC-TV in England.

Darwin Ortiz